What would happen if you would like to play Nintendo DS games without the console? You would be forced to purchase one. Or you can play them now on iOS!

The Ultimate Trio Of Nintendo DS Games For Your iOS 10-Powered Device!


Playing Nintendo DS is simply stunning. The experience is amazing; all of the games are authentic and relevant to your heart. It’s like opening a bottle of pure childhood sparkled with a healthy amount of nostalgia.

Holding the device in your hand is ultimately the supreme choice of a gamer. Titles are simply downloaded from gbaroms.net site and all seems peachy. Until you realize you don’t have the device itself. Luckily there are dozens of emulators available today and with series of tweaks all titles can be launched on iOS 10.

One question remains – what should you play?

Top 3 games for iOS 10

This list consists of 3 stunning titles that are conveniently placed on an emulator and their UI and UX allow for a flawless experience on the buttonless screen of an iPhone.


  • Starting Wars In China Town. An intriguing name hides an interesting game play. You are destined to enjoy this neat little first GTA title! Is that not impressive enough to give it a shot?
  • World Ends With You. A brilliant title that’s conveniently played on both the DS and the flat screen of your iPhone or iPad is an engaging action with magical kangaroos and reckless skateboarders. Boss battles are simply out of this world! Is there any need to say more?
  • Might & Magic aka Heroes Clash. A good old RPG to complete the list. It was an instant hit back in the day among players of all shapes and sizes because of an intriguing story with a great plot. Add diverse class specials to the equation and you’ll get the ultimate gaming experience!

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