Top 5 Android launchers

Google Now Launcher

Google Now launcher makes searching much more faster. Instead of opening any web browser, it gives a search box at the top of your home screen. You can either type or use voice commands to get started. Holding finger on home button, opens apps search window. This feature makes easier to find current app. To make app search even more convenient, apps can be sorted into logical categories. You should also pay attention to the suggestion tab, which brings the most used apps to the top of the list.
The icons are bigger than we used to see on most of the smartphones by default. They’re spaced apart very well and can fit up 6 in a row.
However, this launcher could be more customisable. We missed the ability to change main app list background, which excludes with its white color and usually mismatch most of the themes. Same goes for top search box on home screen.
In general, it’s simple and clean launcher that delivers a smooth experience.

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Google Now Launcher

Action Launcher 3

From the first look, Action Launcher 3 seems very similar to Google Now. Just start using it and you’ll find main feature that makes the whole difference. Yes, it’s that Windows Start Menu style bar popping up from the left of the screen. It launches favorite apps without having to browse them in the apps main list.
Swiping up from any app at your home screen, opens a quick preview popup window. This great feature lets you take a quick look at the massages or mail list. You can also try this on camera app to access flashlight.
Swiping from the right opens a quickpage, which can be filled by moving your favorite apps on the side screen. Seems very useful way to make lots of free space on main home screen.
Action Launcher 3 is completely customisable. And it feels great when you can set layout and it’s colors to the ones you like best. It even lets you change any app icon on the screen by selecting image from your gallery or using icon pack. Launcher settings includes lots of features you can turn on/of and things you can change.

Action Launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3

Innovative launcher in unique design, that makes your Android more intuitive and well organized. It includes a lot of free themes with icon pack and widgets to customize your home screen.
Apps on the main screen looks like bubbles connected in the round circle. Making a single tap and double tap on the same app, opens a different window. You can set which app to access after taping once or twice on the current bubble. Main circle can be expanded by adding more bubbles with apps attached.
Smart Launcher 3 sense the screen rotation and switches in landscape mode when needed. This might come in handy at some point.

Smart Launcher 3 Smart Launcher 32Smart Launcher 33Smart Launcher 31 Smart Launcher 34
Smart Launcher 3

 ZenUI Launcher

We haven’t seen more customisable launcher than this one. It has extremely flexible UI that gives you the ability to change every detail of how your phone should look.
Give your device next generation design: switch through themes with live preview, set wallpapers and widgets, change app icons, apply swipe effects or transitions and organize your apps in folders. Do your prefer privacy? Use integrated apps locking and apps hiding feature to secure them from unauthorized access.
Swiping up on home screen opens the settings key features window including apps, widgets, wallpapers, icons, and system themes. If that’s not enough, ZenUI launcher lets you change text appearance style, icon sizes and icon label colors.
Use this smooth and reliable launcher to refresh your Android phone.

ZenUI Launcher

GO Launcher

Slim and smart personalization tool that perfectly fits for any Android device.
Users can fulfill their imagination exploring more than 10000 beautiful themes with a variety of styles that delivers convenient and customized mobile interface. GO Launcher includes 25 smooth and awesome animation effects powered by 3D engine.
Swipe up from the home screen and you’ll reach the features management window. Choose the Add button and make a single tap for each app you’d like to bring on the main screen. To save your privacy, all apps can be hided and locked. Just browse preferences to find more useful features.
This launcher brings limitless customization experience, which may cause you to forget and never miss the original Android skin.

GO launcher

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