Top ROMs of 2016 to play on a mobile

A year has come to an end, and it is time to sum up everything. This year was very productive and has brought a lot, but especially successful it was for the mobile gaming and associated releases. A lot of decent and popular games have been introduced in this year. Specifically, a mobile platform has ceased to be a haven for birds and evil monotonous runners. Here, we are going to present to you a selection of best ROM video games of 2016.

Duck Tales Remastered

Everyone’s favorite ROM has become accessible from the mobile platform in a new wrapper and can be downloaded from Apart from the new attractive picture, two new levels have been added to the game and graphically the ROM has been completely changed. Although this is the first and the last innovation in the game compared to its previous version, it serves to supplement the main story. Nevertheless, the mechanics remain the same here and it’s all the same interesting platformer.

DuckTales Remastered
DuckTales Remastered4
DuckTales Remastered3

The game is quite demanding in terms of the hardware it is run on. Thus, “weak and slow” devices will slow down or give out uncomfortable to play fps. But if you have a top-end smartphone, it will definitely please you.

DuckTales Remastered for Android

DuckTales Remastered for iPhone/iPad

Batman beyond Gotham

The ROM about the dark knight Lego universe, Batman beyond Gotham, is also in the list of 2016’s best ROMs releases for mobile platforms. Lego universe have always been considered the best for the funny and interesting gameplay. And this mobile compatible ROM is no exception. There are be available more than 100 characters in comics, such as Supermen, Wonder Woman, and Batman. The game for the most part is a puzzle. At each level, you will stand in the way of the tasks for which you need to chew the cud for a time. Work on trivial brainteasers will be diluted by clashes with opponents and fights with bosses, which makes this game really exciting. What is more, the visual component here is at a high level. Besides, it is compatible with any device including a Windows phone, IOS device, and Android smartphone.

Batman beyond Gotham3
Batman beyond Gotham4
Batman beyond Gotham1

Batman beyond Gotham
for Android

Batman beyond Gotham for iPhone/iPad

Rayman Adventures

This is another great ROM video game to try your hand at. At this time, Ubisoft decided to make a full-fledged great game about Reiman for mobile platforms. It is very dynamic and fun, with great music and colorful graphics. The levels and a storyline are well-detailed and have animated backs; characters are perfectly legible and well-thought; furthermore, musical accompaniment will make the gameplay even more enjoyable fitting what is happening on the screen. The game itself is well optimized and produces a steady framerate even at medium-speed devices. Interesting missions and beautiful graphics will not let you get bored.

Rayman Adventures
Rayman Adventures2
Rayman Adventures3
Rayman Adventures1

Rayman Adventures
for Android

Rayman Adventures for iPhone/iPad

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