Unlocking iCloud locked iPhone or iPad

After lots of fake tools we tried and viruses we received looking for them, after tons of fake info founded on websites, we decided to make it clear for everybody.

Today there’s no way you can easily unlock iCloud locked iPhone or iPad. We say easily because we know only one and the most real method that works just for iPhone 4. We are thinking that this tutorial might work on other iPhones too, but we are not 100% sure about that because we didn’t had a chance to try it. Main idea of this tutorial is to use system files from same iPhone model by copying them to the locked one. There’s no info about what happens to that non locked iPhone.

Another trick is to use a crash file which is uploaded straight from server. Crash file acts like system security bug ant let’s you reach home screen. Main problem is that you can only see installed apps and if you tap on any of them screen freezes. So again you have to repeat all the steps to get back in to home screen. Just remember that result will be the same.

So if one day we’ll find a way to bypass iCloud lock, believe us.. We’ll be the first publishing that tutorial to our subscribers!

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