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Jailbreak any Windows phone running Windows 8/8.1


Jailbreaking device unlocks developer options without Microsoft developers account. In that way users can freely modify their phones using additional options, download paid apps for free, use unofficial programs and so on.
This jailbreak will not erase data from Windows mobile device.

1. Download to PC (running Windows 8/8.1) SDK for Windows 8.1 and install it.
2. Download to PC aiyingyong_pc_v4.6 unlock tool (it’s in Chinese) and install it by clicking on the single blue button. Chinese Jailbreak tool1
2.1 After installation is complete click on second blue button.
3. PIN unlock Windows phone.
4. Connect mobile device to PC using USB cable.
5. Click on phones display unlock icon in PC unlock tool. Chinese Jailbreak tool

Thats it! Congratulations on successfully unlocking Windows phone.



  1. Hello admin,
    It seem I have discovered this thread late ! But to ask , is this chines tool still functioning? I have a Lumia to unlock
    Thank you

  2. Hey admin thank you very much before, i want to ask you something, if I actually succeed to jailbreak my phone, can sdk be uninstall later? if can, please tell me how

  3. pavan vaishnav on

    I have a window phone 8.1 and windows 7 pc and jailbreak is not working in windows 7 pc.what should I do ?

  4. Hello ADMIN
    Is this Chinese jailbreaking tool still working? If yes, can you please take us through the registration process in English as it requires registration before download.
    We the English users can’t make any headway through the Chinese registration process.
    Thanks for your support

  5. I can’t make headway in downloading the Chinese unlocking tool. a window interface looks like wanting me to register something which i don’t even understand at all.

    ADMIN, can you please help me out?

  6. hi everytime i start chinese jailbreak i get error cant find server help
    running 8.1 o windows phone and windows 7 ultimate on pc

    thank for any help JOHN

  7. Kev Weatherhead on

    Hi Admin,
    I am following your guide to jailbreaking a windows 8.1 mobile and am having an issue with the Chinese download. After download and install, it looks like it wants me to register and the UI looks nothing like your screen shots?????

  8. i came up with an app for lumia that can reed Apk app and ios ! like psp emulator and i am planing to public it and the prise will be 12UK what do u tink?

    • Hello Abubeker,

      I think your product would be worth that money. Just keep in mind, that Lumia is no longer manufactured and never will be, so your project might be temporary. Nevertheless, Nokia is coming back to smartphones market in first quarter of 2017 with devices running Android OS. And that means there’s no future for mobile Windows OS.

  9. hallo admin, i downloaded the SDK, and chines tool. when i plug in the phone the tool appears to connect the phone but suddenly it goes back to normal as it was before meaning it doesnt recgnise the phone, am running windows 8.1 on nokia lumia 635 and windows 8 on pc, any advise?

  10. hi,Admin i have karbonn titanium wind w4 running on windows 8.1 update 2 RAM 512 Is it possible to jailbreak it plz tell me

          • i see the install file is 32bit … I just did all this work got 8.1 its 64 bit does this matter… also is jailbreaking mean carrier unlocked… guess either u will reply or we will find out half way done sdk install

        • one last thing pleasebefore i do all this work…… if i jailbreak can i use the phone on any carrier…. its locked to rogers but i need it on telus

          • same thing is happening as it did on windows 7…….. plug phone in after running same sdk file – and it will search for a min through the program “JB Chinese program” then it will be a yellow triangle… and I have no clue what it says…

          • Hi ryan,

            Jailbroken device doesn’t mean that it’s carrier unlocked. Jailbreak is when you unlock the software for third-party apps and stuff. Just click on the button as shown in tutorial, there’s no need to understand what’s written.

  11. I successfully unlocked my Lumia 640 LTE running Windows 8.1 update 2
    So I could download apps in the play store website but cannot for the life of me access the the actual google play store application which opens the games (Pokemon go). So I passed the “incompatible device wall, and was stopped by another. Any advice?

    • Hello Adam,

      It’s normal that you receive incompatible device notification. You have Windows device on which you trying to run Android based software. Even if you manage to run Google Play store, you probably won’t be able to run any other app from there because of Windows OS restrictions.

  12. this chinese jailbreak tool is not downloading its showing error that your request has been blocked by telecommunications department of india

  13. Howdy admin, I was curious to know, if I jailbreak my Nokia Lumia, is there a way to get clash of clans playable on my device? I recently made the stupid decision of switching android for windows and miss my games and apps. Windows store is limited at best and Microsoft need to pull their finger out.

  14. Franklin sarvino on

    hai admin i had one question i have microsoft lumia 435 can i root it and also i have a htc mozart t8698 can i jail break it with this tool

  15. hello, i have a question about my phone. my phone is nokia lumia 929 window 8.1 is locked sothat i do not an access to some apps, please helpe me

  16. My name is soulmiz I been looking for way to jailbreak my Nokia lumia 925 but been getting error message. Please can the sdk run on windows 7 pc my phone number +2348106077270

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