Windows XP, Windows 7 & Windows 8 installation on Android device

On the upcoming Christmas holiday, we decided to make our visitors a small gift by giving a simple tutorial on how to install desired Windows OS version in Android device.
Those who are w
orking with different Windows OS based programs likely wonder how handy would be to have all the essential tools in Android tablet or phone. In such cases the only way was just to look for Windows operating smart device.
Each day technologies moves in high speed progress. And it is the day when user can decide what operating system he’d like to use on his mobile device. And if there’s a multiple OS, choose which one to boot.
It’s obvious that device must meet software technical requirements. You don’t have to look for this answer by yourself, because program will check the device compatibility before the Windows installation and decide whether the selected version of Windows OS can be supported.

Note: Windows OS installation won’t erase device internal memory storage or memory card. For safety reasons it’s strongly recommended to backup your data to device SD memory card or PC before starting this tutorial. Otherwise you can lose everything that’s important for you.
Android operating system will not be removed from device.
After Windows installation you will be able to choose which operating system to boot (Android or Windows).

1. Download Change My Software package to PC and extract it.
. Go to Change My Software folder depending on what version of Windows you want to install.
3. Launch the program and choose Android > Windows
4. Connect device to PC via USB.
5. Program will check device compatibility and if everything fits it will be marked in green.
. Click Continue and choose operating system language.
. Program will start downloading Windows. After that the installation process will begin. Whole process should take some time depending on your internet speed and device power.
. Device will self reboot after installation is complete.
. Then you’ll be prompted to choose which operating system to boot, Windows or Android.
That’s it!

Video Tutorial:

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