Get paid apps for free without Jailbreak (for iOS 7)

From now on you can get most of paid apps for free without any Jailbreak! This method doesn’t even require to use PC or iTunes. Main idea is quite simple, all the apps are downloaded from other unofficial store and installed straight to iPhone or iPad. The best part of it is that after connecting idevice to PC all apps is recognized as purchased one.

Before you begin:
• iPhone or iPad must be running on iOS 7.x
• It’s recommended to watch video tutorial below.

1. Download PP PC software to PC and install it.
2. Open PP and connect idevice to PC. PP store will be in chinese language, but it’s not a problem if you don’t understand it. All you need is to remember couple main buttons.
3. After iPhone or iPad is recognized by PP store, close first pop up window by clicking x and all idevice detailed info will be shown on PP.
4. Now click on the apps store button which is placed in the top left corner.
5. Most popular apps will be shown on main window. If you are looking for something specific, you should click on search button which is placed on the top right corner.
6. After app is found click on black button which is on the top right corner to download the application.
7. Now the download progress bar could be found on the upper left corner.
8. After download is finished click on that single button in app line on the right.
9. Application will be synced with connected idevice and you are free to enjoy it!

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