iOS 9 best features

Today, the biggest part of Apple mobile devices are already running on iOS 9. As usual, the latest software version is filled with new features. Some of them are useful and can make life easier for most of the users, and the other just stay unused. We also should not forget one of the most important fact, that there’s a users who haven’t discovered all of them yet and don’t even know that those features exist.

That’s why we decided to make a quick review and write down iOS 9 top 10 features.

  1. Reload website in to the desktop version straight from Safari.
    Tap and hold on refresh button and choose Request Desktop Site.
  2. Reduce battery energy consumption if you need to keep iPhone or iPad alive for a longer time.
    Go to Settings/Battery and enable Low Power Mode.
  3. Combine cellular and Wifi internet connection to keep the maximum internet speed when needed.
    Go to Settings/Cellular and switch on Wifi Assist.
  4. Use search to find a contact from the address book and make a phone call or send SMS.
    Swipe down from the top and type contact name you are looking for. Tap on Facetime, call or SMS icon.
  5. Get 5GB for free in iCloud to store and backup all your data.
    Tap on Settings/iCloud/iCloud Drive and enable iCloud Drive and Show on Home Screen buttons.
  6. Keep Siri silent when silent button is turned on.
    Go to Settings/General/Siri/Voice Feedback and check Control with Ring Switch.
  7. Select multiple photos without tapping on every single one.
    Open photo gallery, tap on Select and slide through all the photos you want to select.
  8. Use zoom in and zoom out feature on the videos, in a same way you are using it on photos.
  9. Have you noticed that Search button can now be found at the top of the Settings menu? You can use it to quickly find any setting you need.
  10. Safari reader mode can now be customized for your needs.
    Open any website using Safari, tap on the top-left button so you will view whole page in reader mode. Tap on the top-right aA button to customize reader mode in your own way.

Here’s a video showing all this features.

There’s one great extra function which can come handy for iPad users.

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