City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.25

Distinguished by it’s simplicity in use and minimum capacity requirements, available for any android device the City Maps 2Go Pro navigation! It doesn’t require any wifi or mobile internet data traffic.
It is exceptionally convenient when your phone doesn’t have a lot of free internal storage or powerful processor. Basically most of the storage required by this GPS software depends on the maps you download. For example Lithuania country maps takes just 120MB.

Graphical appearance looks similar to default Google Maps application which is based in every Android. The only difference is that City Maps 2GO Pro doesn’t have route planing function with voice guide and do not inform user about speed radars, but it determines your current location. Running application at first time it requires to download desired area maps. It’s even possible to choose just a single town, so there’s no need to download the whole city map. That’s how this GPS software capacity in mobile device depends on the user. Regular map updates can be done just by one tap.
City-Maps-2Go-Pro-Offline3 City-Maps-2Go-Pro-Offline4
1. Download City Maps 2Go Offline Maps v3.6.25 Pro GPS application in to PC or mobile device.
2. If you downloaded app to PC, transfer it to mobile device internal storage or SD memory card.
3. Install application.
4. Launch it and select the desired country or city map.
5. Decided whether you want see Wiki Plus info about most famous places depending on the areas you are visiting. If yes, then tap Download.
6. After the installation is complete, you current location will be shown on the map. After that you are able to search for the current address.
Thats it. Enjoy!

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