Update Huawei P9 Lite to official Android 7.0 Nougat

Compared with other Huawei P9 Lite tutorials, this is one of the easiest way for users, who want to manually update Huawei P9 Lite into the latest Android OS version.
Just carefully follow those 9 steps to get it done.

Warning: This tutorial is only for Huawei P9 Lite devices listed below. Before you start, please check if your model is compatible by going to Settings/About Phone
• VNS-L21C185B360
• VNS-L21C10B360
Update process won’t erase device internal storage, but it’s still recommended to backup your data to device microSD card or PC before starting this tutorial.


  1. Using PC download compatible update files for your P9 Lite. Two files are required the update.zip and the data full package.zip file.
    • for VNS-L21C185B360 get update.zip from here and data full file from here;
    • for VNS-L21C10B360 get update.zip from here and data full file from here;
    • for VNS-L31C185B360 get update.zip from here and data full file from here;
    • for VNS-L31C636B361 get update.zip from here and data full file from here;
  2. Unzip these files in the same location.
  3. On desktop make a new folder and name it dload. Put the unzipped files in this folder.
  4. Connect P9 Lite to PC via USB cable.
  5. Place dload folder in the root directory of your device’s micro SD card.
  6. Open dialer app and dial *#*#2846579#*#*
  7. Next, select Project Menu/Software upgrade/SDcard upgrade and confirm the flashing process.
  8. The update will be now automatically installed.
  9. When done, reboot your smartphone.

First boot might take up to 15 minutes, so be patient and do not interrupt the process.

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  • Hamza

    May 19, 2018 at 9:47 am

    I have not receive new update for Huawei p9 lite.


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